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Is This Correct? Ich bin heiß

March 13th 2023, 11:00 PM by

Learn the right way to say you are hot.


If you wanted to say:
I am feeling hot.
Would it be correct to say?
Ich bin heiß.


No, that is incorrect.
In German, you would want to use mir ist. Use mir ist when you are referring to a temporary state you are in - like something you are feeling right now.
Mir ist heiß. (I am feeling hot at this moment)
You would use ich bin when referring to a trait or fact about your yourself. Thank of ich bin when you are saying you are a certain type of person.
However, Ich bin heiß is grammatically correct.
It is not the right way to say you are feeling hot. But it is the right way to say you are 'hot' sexy person.


Mir ist:

Mir ist kalt. (I am cold)
Mir ist schlecht. (I am feeling sick)
Mir geht's gut. (I'm good or I'm fine)

Ich bin:

Ich bin kalt. (I am a cold, uncaring person)
Ich bin Lehrer. (I am a teacher)
Ich bin gut. (I am a good person)

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