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Is This Correct? Kann Sprechen

March 16th 2023, 7:35 PM by

Learn the correct way to say you speak a language.


If you wanted to say:
I can speak English.
Would it be correct to say?
Ich kann Englisch sprechen.


No! That is incorrect.
Ich kann Englisch.
Well, it is technically correct. It is a grammatically correct sentence and anyone could understand you. However, this is not the proper way to say you speak a language.
If you said Ich kann Deutsch sprechen, people would think 'No, actually you cant.'
The proper way to say this - Ich kann (language). Why? No special reason. This short cut has become the common way to say. If you think of speaking a language as a skill, I guess it no different than saying you can swim or cycle or read. 'Englishing' is just a skill you can perform.


Ich kann Spanisch. (I can speak Spanish)
Ich kann Russisch. (I can speak Russia)
Ich kann Französische. (I can speak French)


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March 16, 2023
Is This Correct? Kann Sprechen

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