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Is This Correct? Nehmen Photo

March 10th 2023, 10:22 PM by

Learn the correct way to say 'I am taking a photo'


If you wanted to say:
I take a photo.
Would it be correct to say?
Ich mache ein Photo.


Yes! That is correct.
In German, you wan to say 'I make a photo.' That means you are taking a photograph.
You would not say 'Ich nehme ein Photo' which is the direct English translation. A German speak would understand you, but this is not the correct way to say it.
You would use 'Ich nehme ein Photo' if you selecting a photo from a stack of photos. You are selecting this photo and taking it away.


Mache Photo:

Taking a photo. Making a photograph.

Nehmen ein Photo:

Selecting a photo from a collection of physical photographs. *Shuffling through photos* 'Hmm, I'll take that one!'

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