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Other Ways to Say - I am Hungry in Spanish (Tengo Hambre)

February 28th 2023, 6:24 PM by

Find out about other ways to express that you are hungry and discover when to use each one.

Tengo Hambre

"Tengo Hambre" is the standard way to express that you are hungry. Literally, it means "I have hunger."
This is one of the ways Spanish differs from English. While we use "I am..." in English, Spanish can often use the term "I have." Note, the personal pronoun "Yo" (I) is not required. We don't need to say "Yo tengo hambre." We can tell someone is making first person state - "I have..." - because the conjugation of "tener" ends with "-go."

Me muero de hambre

Literally, "I am dying of hunger." You can use this just as you would in English - an exaggeration to express you are really hungry.
Again, notice that we don't need the personal pronoun "yo" because we can tell this is a first person conjugation from the "-ro" ending.
However, also note this verb is "morirse", the reflexive form or "morir" (to die). While we don't need the "yo", we do need the "me" reflexive pronoun because this is a reflexive verb.
So why are using the reflexive form? The reflexive "morirse" is considered more informal than "morir." Since this is a slang exaggeration, we want the reflexive form.

Estoy Hambriento

This means "I'm famished." It's another way to say you are really hungry. Notice, we are using estoy instead of soy. This is because hunger is a temporary state. We use estoy when talking about temporary states.

Me Rugen Las Tripas

This means "My stomach is growling." Use this just as you would in English.
Rugen means roar or bellow. Notice how this verb is in the third person plural because it agrees with the subject - Las Tripas (intestines) - even though Las Tripas doesn't come at the beginning of the sentence.
Me is not reflexive, but functions as a direct object - "at me".
Literally, the phrase means "The intestines are roaring at me."

Me comería una vaca entera

This means "I could eat a whole cow." The way we use this is pretty self explanatory as well. You want to eat A LOT.
We use comeria which is the first person form comerse that means 'could' (again, without yo). With comerse, the reflexive me is required.
Comerse also requires that we specify a specific quantity that we are eating. In this case, we are eating one entire cow. You could not use comerse to say you could eat cows in general.

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